I am a Portland-based artist working in various media to create and connote feelings and thoughts, both fleeting and enduring, of our shared journey in this world. The human experience as discovered through spiritual exploration, providing a sense of peace and connectedness for the viewer. My work expresses how I enjoy the whimsy of life, with an eye toward the absurd, and always steeped in beauty.

With the series "Sitting With Ancestors", I was inspired by pre-Columbian ceramic sculptures which made me reflect on my maternal grandfather being Cherokee. I was raised Mennonite and I wondered what my life would be like if instead my spirituality had been based in Cherokee spirituality instead. Out of this internal dialogue and the influence of the pre-Columbian sculptures, "Sitting with Ancestors" was created. Each Ancestor has a Spirit companion piece, the spirit of self seeking guidance and understanding of the spiritual world within our physical world from sitting and speaking with the Ancestor.

I have been a ceramic artist for over 25 years, and am a student of Antonio Di Tommaso, the President of Sculpture of the Accademia delle Arti del Disegno in Florence, Italy.



hyde park art center - disclosed/undisclosed - 2017

andersonville galleria - 2015

crest hardware art show - 2013

common cup group art show - 2013

barking lizards gallery - 2011

fine arts building open studios - 2007-2008

eidolon studios open studios- 2006-2009


hollywood • portland