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Il Porcellino

I was told by a good friend that I must find Il Porcellino, or little pig in Italian, which is a bronze statue in the Mercato Nuovo. The story goes that if you rub his snout, you'll return to Firenze. Of course, I *must* find him!

I started the evening trying to chase this fellow down, but went to the Mercato Centrale instead of Mercato Nuovo and to be quite honest my evening stroll was taken over by the nearly full moon and wonderful sites around me. I feel lucky that I get to experience a blue moon while in this magical land and the lighting this evening was quite tremendous.

The Mercato Centrale was trashed. I mean literally trashed, with garbage strewn around the street and some boisterous men having a good time. I felt like I must have just missed out on the party! I hope I might return to see the Mercato in full swing but since I didn't find the little pig, I just kept walking, watching the moon peek above majestic buildings.

I came across a couple of street performers enacting a play on steps. Of course, my Italian isn't good enough to understand their play but I did pick up that it was about Michelangelo, as the woman kept saying, "Michelangelo! Michelangelo!". The next time I'm here, I promise myself that my Italian will be better and my understanding of the language richer.

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