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Reflections & Anticipation

Ah Firenze, how you have captured my heart. Today was a busy day of walking around and accomplishing a few errands I wanted to make. But I'm trying to be a bit conservative with my energies as I have tickets to the Uffizi tomorrow and the Accademia on Thursday. And I still want very much to go to the Orto Botanico as they claim to be the oldest in the world. I'm curious to see what might be behind those walls...

Pre-purchased tickets need to be printed out as you only receive a voucher - for both museums. I had to track down a copy store and email to the fellow for printing out - 10¢! I have a very early start to my day [8:15 entry time] but I hope that it will help avoid the crowds. When I walked by the Accademia on Saturday afternoon it was crazy pandemonium with the gypsy boys aggressive in the crowds. Am envisioning my early morning as tranquil and filled with the graceful beauty that is the art of Firenze.

Lots of clothes shops today, trying on various styles, checking price tags, considering. It's a bit overwhelming because the choices are everywhere and so different from home.

I did settle on buying my leather shoes; the leather so soft and sumptuous. The salesgirl here says,  "you have an Italian look to your face" - ha, must be the haircut!

Met a lovely older woman who spoke very little English and had a small shop selling knives, razors, compasses, scissors - she was so sweet! Very little English spoken but her energy was gracious and endearing.

Zip over to Zecchi again, just to recheck the art supplies and again walked away wondering what I should still get and how much I should be traveling with to go home. I'm ready to dump some stuff here if need be, but all the little tidbits are adding up. I guess I'll have to come back.

I've gotten extremely lucky with my home here in Firenze. I'm close to many things but one is a local supermarket and it's provided me a measure of sanity to be able to cook some meals. And of course, I love cooking just about anywhere I go. It's simple and easy to go each day and grab what you need for cooking, along with having stuff to snack on as well. The little market I go to is called Conad and my host assured me that it was the more economical choice. Today I found a simply luscious piece of pancetta covered in spices, which was added to chicken breasts, garlic and lemon. Sauteed potatoes in rosemary completed the meal.

Time to settle in and sip a glass of vino rosso and think about the Uffizi.

Hidden art spaces...

Hidden art spaces...

Hidden gardens...   

Hidden gardens...


The Glory of the Uffizi

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